K-Fuze CMS Web Management

Build your entire customer support solution using the K-Fuze CMS framework.

K-Fuze CMS provides you with a framework to build your entire customer care website for all customer interactions and content management needs.

Brand and style your K-Fuze CMS site so that it looks and functions the way you want it.  Adjust to changing business needs by quickly and easily updating your site in real time via the K-Fuze CMS management pages.

K-Fuze CMS website management features:

  • Create all web pages within the K-Fuze CMS environment
  • Design sitemap navigation for site
  • Restrict navigation items by user role
  • Support for horizontal and vertical navigation
  • Select from six different themes for your site
  • Customize your pages using custom CSS styles
  • Determine authentication providers your site will utilize
  • Dynamically create ticket projects to support all different ticketing and incident needs
  • Change all static text on site using K-Fuze CMS Page Management module
  • Setup email services for outbound notifications and inbound emails
  • Create and manage templates used for email notifications
  • Embed Google, or other, analytics and sharing scripts into your pages
  • Manage all users, user roles, and user groups within the K-Fuze CMS framework