K-Fuze CMS Customer Support Solution

One stop Customer Management Solution (CMS) for complete customer care.

K-Fuze CMS allows companies to support different customer groups, users, and organizations based on what they need and how they should be supported.

It's a snap to support internal departments or external customers . Let us support your customers, your channel partners, field service folk, as well as any other group you interact with and serve.

Rich Customer Management Features



  • oAuth support for login using Google or Facebook
  • Native K-Fuze CMS authentication provider
  • Active Directory (AD) support for enterprises
  • Anonymous user support


  • Manage users by groups and roles
  • Define functionality by role
  • Add custom roles
  • Easy role and user management


  • Extend customer fields by adding custom fields
  • Support for custom controls on user forms
  • Manage all types of customers
  • Integrated ticket, content, and customer functionality


  • Create or edit users via K-Fuze CMS API's
  • Trigger events on user creation or login
  • Perfect for enterprises or external facing organizations