K-Fuze CMS Incident & Ticket Management

Manage all your customer interactions using K-Fuze CMS.

We have a long history of developing, integrating, and using CRM solutions. So when K-Fuze CMS was conceived, an important component of the solution had to include managing customer contacts.

K-Fuze CMS was designed with a robust ticketing solution to accommodate multiple contact channels and customer care needs. Whether you are doing task management, bug management, sales lead tracking, support, or customer care – K-Fuze CMS can accommodate all of these in the same easy-to-use portal.

Ticketing features included in K-Fuze CMS:

  • Manage all support channels using K-Fuze CMS custom ticket projects, including:
    • Customer or internal feedback
    • Helpdesk incidents
    • Technical support service requests
    • RMA's
    • Field service orders
    • Sales leads
    • Bugs and defects
    • Work orders
    • And much more
  • Create customer contact forms to auto capture website visitor feedback into ticketing solution
  • Design and customize ticket forms to meet the needs of your support organization:
    • Customize what fields appear on ticket forms
    • Support for text, text area, drop down, category, date, date time, time controls
    • Limit access to controls based on the users role
    • Add JavaScript events to controls for extending ticket functionality
  • Add attachments to tickets for providing additional information to the agent working the ticket
  • Relate tickets together for easy organization and grouping
  • Time tracking and reporting abilities
  • Custom ticket list views for managing and responding to tickets
  • Automatic emails are sent to interested parties when tickets are created, updated, or commented on
  • Send emails to customers from tickets using custom templates - and have replies captured directly into the ticket
  • Limit visibility to certain ticket information based on agents and user roles
  • Support for ticket comments with a complete audit-trail with all changes
  • Custom rules that can extend ticketing to interface with 3rd party systems, provide enhanced functionality, etc.
  • Workflow engine for auto-updating tickets based on rules engine:
    • Trigger based on any ticket event; ticket create, update, create/update, action, etc.
    • Create simple or highly complex update rules
    • Update tickets based on workflow rules
  • Ticket dashboards for reporting, charts, analytics, and management

Easy Integration to 3rd Party Systems

We recognize that in today's world it is important to be able to integrate with outside systems in order to streamline and automate ticketing:

  • Add JavaScript events to any ticket control to perform custom logic or to integrate to outside systems
  • Events can fire on when a user enters, leaves, or changes the value of a control
  • All custom JavaScript is stored within K-Fuze CMS in the Resource management system, making it easy to add or edit JavaScript on-the-fly
  • Add workflow rules that are executed when ticket events are triggered (ticket create, update, create/update, comment, etc.) that can perform complex updates to tickets
  • Use any of our numerous K-Fuze CMS API's to create or update tickets, add comments, attach files, etc.
  • Create your entire support website using K-Fuze CMS. You may develop your K-Fuze CMS site to support internal users, external customers, partners, and/or remote users.

Create your entire support website using K-Fuze CMS. You may create your K-Fuze CMS site to support internal users, external customers, partners, and remote users – or all of the above. K-Fuze CMS is a one-stop ticketing management solution.