Content Management Services

Expertise in content management, distribution, and consumption.

Using our years of knowledge and experience developing custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and Web Management Systems (WMS), Ridgehead tailors solutions through gathering customer requirements, designing the architecture, developing the app/site and then successfully delivering to our clients. Ridgehead Software enables companies to draw on our collective enterprise knowledge and expertise to deliver fast, accurate, and consistent answers to customer questions.

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With feature-rich knowledge authoring, content management, intelligent searching, knowledge base segmentation, and security, Ridgehead delivers expedited call resolution, increased customer satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, and lower customer care costs.

We believe that a company-specific CMS application with high-flexibility is a real improvement to your business as your own solution firmly follows your company practices and serves your needs best. Our solutions manage the creation, approval, and translation of content within an organization with the ultimate goal of making this information available to customers and partners.

You may leverage our innovative ideas and experiences for your solution to have:

  • Reputation-based content that allows popular and useful content to bubble-up to the top.
  • Crowd-sourcing for your user population to help with the development and evolution of content.
  • Ubiquitous content distribution that allows users to access content any way they want, via a web browser, using a downloadable application on their Windows, Mac or Linux PC, on their tablet or smart phone.
  • Rich content – rich text, document based (PDF, Word, etc.), multimedia, or content in formats that your users would like to consume content in.
  • Global content – create a single interface to deliver multi-lingual content.
  • Metrics and feedback – don’t throw content over-the-wall to your users. Produce interactive content so that you can see what users are reading and solicit feedback from them so your content can evolve and mature.

In addition to custom Content Management, we can assist with installation, customization, and integration with third party content systems.