K-Fuze CMS Hosting

Host K-Fuze CMS in the cloud or in your own data

K-Fuze CMS is simple for SMB organizations, yet scales to larger enterprise companies too. K-Fuze CMS is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud with high availability, scalability and redundancy baked into the K-Fuze CMS environment.

For enterprise organizations, K-Fuze CMS installs on premise within your data center for additional security and control.

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Cloud Based

For small and medium businesses, K-Fuze CMS is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  K-Fuze CMS is auto-updated with new features, fixes, and improvements in real-time allowing your site to evolve and improve as we bring new features to market. 

Our cloud solutions can scale to meet growing business needs and have built in redundancy for business continuation.

Enterprise Solution

For corporate and enterprise companies, K-Fuze CMS may be installed on premise in data centers for complete control and management to comply with your security and compliance requirements. 

K-Fuze CMS is based on Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Solr.