Application Development

Let us build your Windows, Mac, or Linux application.

Even though the Internet has become ubiquitous in the world today, there are still some places where a custom application works better and faster than having web-pages with no access to another system.

Ridgehead has built custom applications to front-end servers, standalone applications, and applications that integrate with web servers. Ridgehead is familiar with all aspects of PC Application development from requirements gathering, installation programs, and configuration on multiple disparate hardware platforms and operating systems.

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Using a variety of tools, including (but not limited to) Microsoft Visual Studio, JAVA, and XOJO, this enables us to build stand-alone, native applications for Mac OSx, Windows, & Linux. The development environment and object-oriented language abstract the code, letting us focus on building your application.

These tools provide us with hundreds of native user interface controls including buttons, lists, fields, and tab panels. Our applications offer extended database support for database servers like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or any native data source, native reporting tools, with internet and networking features.

Our expertise is delivering innovative and professional custom software solutions for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Mobile business needs. With Ridgehead, you get the confidence and convenience that comes with partnering with a turn-key company throughout the entire software development life cycle. We are dedicated to the success of your project.

If you’re looking for a long-term reliable partner who can work with you from inception, through design and development, to deployment and integration, then we are the company to work with.

We also offer:

  • Enterprise Solutions Development – We have solid skills and extensive expertise in building enterprise solutions at all levels of complexity.
  • Web Application Development – We develop feature-rich custom web applications, sites, and portals for corporate and internet-focused projects: Customer Care, Self-Help, Online Servicing, E-Commerce, Order Processing, Social Networking, Billing, Logistics, RMA, and more.
  • Desktop Application Development – We create cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications ensuring stable functioning, high performance, and usability.
  • Mobile Application Development – We help extend your companies reach, sales efforts, customer service, and marketing to the most popular mobile platforms. We are able to connect your customers and employees to corporate systems and create a mobile software product or a client application for your own or third-party information service.