Web Portals and Enterprise Sites

Let us create the perfect web portal for your business needs.

This is a strength of Ridgehead – the creation and deployment of company-specific customer care and self-service portals where users answer their own questions, read/create/share information, and lower company support costs while improving customer satisfaction.

We believe that portals should be specific for a company’s unique needs and should provide the necessary features, automation, and content to satisfy the needs of its users while delivering cost savings to the organization.

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Provide FAQs and other important information to your end-users 24×7 with a Self-Service website portal. The Self-Service portal allows users to log and track the progress of their requests, search knowledge base solutions, all without contacting your call center.

Self-Service portals minimize the workload of your customer care staff by enabling users to find the answers to their questions from the Knowledge Base, or by logging tickets with the helpdesk. By allowing users to track the status of their requests, you reduce unnecessary calls to your customer care team.

Additionally, ticket handle time is reduced by:

  • Having your portal auto-entitle users to the information that they are eligible to view.
  • Proactively notify users of relevant information, updates, service alerts/outages, etc.
  • Having users log their own requests and enter all the relevant information, provide file attachments, screen shots, and other information important to the quick and accurate resolution of their requests.
  • Application of skill-based routing to get the user’s request to the most skilled and available agent.

Ridgehead Software's proprietary technology, KFuze, is used by multiple clients as a landing portal for all their internal and/or external customer care needs. We will help you design, develop, integrate, deploy, and support your solution, leveraging the functionality already baked into the KFuze app.