K-Fuze CMS Content Management

Rich content and file management solution.

K-Fuze CMS is a rich cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) which doubles as a landing page or website for all your customer care and self-help needs. Create and manage content, while allowing end users to search, view, rate, edit (based upon role), share and comment on content.

Not only can you manage content (FAQs, training materials, PDF files, multimedia content, videos, etc.), but you may create your entire site using K-Fuze CMS, including the layout and sitemap navigation.

Feature Rich Knowledge Management

K-Fuze CMS features include:

  • Historical tracking for who is editing, viewing, rating, and commenting on content
  • Allow content to be shared via email or social media
  • Author original content using our WYSIWYG editor
  • Gather content from other CMS systems or web sites and organize them within K-Fuze CMS
  • Create a simple and understandable table of contents (category tree) for organizing your content
  • Make your content view-able to your audience, regardless of how they choose to view it (browser, mobile device, etc.)
  • Provide support for creating conversation threads using comments - with support for replying to comments
  • Auto emails can be sent out to content authors when content is updated, rated, or commented on
  • Segregate your content by role so that you can restrict who can view what content
  • Support for anonymous content as well as restricted content based on the logged in role
  • Full content version control so that you may roll back to previous versions at any time
  • Publish content on predetermined dates with support for content expiration
  • Quickly and easily author, approve, and publish content updates
  • Search and filter content using our searching capabilities
  • Advanced searching for refining search results

Create your entire support website using K-Fuze CMS. You may develop your K-Fuze CMS site to support internal users, external customers, partners, and remote users – or all of the above. You may also segregate or share your content based on your user audience, as well as provide content to general (anonymous) users.

Multiple Content Types

Create and edit content in a variety of different formats to satisfy all your content requirements.



  • Rich WYSIWYG HTML authoring
  • Version control and roll back
  • Include images and links
  • Embed video and multimedia


  • Attach or embed files
  • Support for Adobe PDF files
  • View or download files
  • Track file downloads


  • Link to existing content
  • Link to 3rd party pages
  • Link 3rd party content into K-Fuze CMS
  • Track links clicked on


  • HTML based news content
  • Distribute news by audience
  • Set start and end view dates
  • Include in search results