Frequently Asked Questions

Create a New User

K-Fuze can be configured where users have to be created in the system before they can log in.
  • Expand Administration, select Users, and click User Add.
  • On the Basic Information tab, fill out the form. Note: Fields marked with asterisks are required fields.
  • Click the Active slider to make the new user active and able to log in.
  • From the Roles drop down, select the roles and permissions to associate with the user.
  • From the Ticket Projects drop down, select the ticket projects where the user can submit tickets.
  • Click Save.
  • Click the Custom Fields tab. 
  • Fill out the information requested. Note: Custom fields are not mandatory fields unless where required.
  • Click the Display Picture tab.
  • In the Chose a New Image field, enter the path of the image to associate with the user.
  • Click Update Display Picture.