Frequently Asked Questions

Set the Values for PRIORITY Drop Down on the Ticket Page

The field Priority on the ticket page needs to be set up from the ticket project page.
  • Expand Administration and click Ticketing.
  • From the Select a Project drop down, click the ticket project to modify.
  • Click the Ticket Fields tab.
  • Click the Priority field to open its Properties box.
  • Click the Values tab.


  • In the Option Name field, enter the value to display in the drop down. If this option is to be the default one from the drop down, select the Default Option check box.
  • To sort the values by name on the ticket page, click the Sort By drop down and select Name.
  • Once all the values have been entered, select the Active check box of each to display them in the drop down on the ticket page.
  • If no sorting is chosen, drag and drop the values to the location order you wish them to appear in on the ticket page.
  • To delete a value, click the Delete button. Note: Values associated with tickets cannot be deleted.
  • Click Save when finished.