Frequently Asked Questions

Set the Properties of the Default Panel

The properties of the default panel in the ticket project are typically set during the creation of a ticket project but they can be modified at any time.
  • Expand Administration and click Ticketing.
  • From the Select a Project drop down, click the ticket project to modify.
  • Click the Ticket Fields tab.
  • In the Default Panel, click the Edit button.
  • To change the displayed title of the panel, overwrite the Title field.
  • Optionally, enter a description in the Description field.
  • From the Roles drop down, select the roles that have visibility to the panel. The panel inherits the visibility from the roles set in the ticket project. But it can be restricted further by selecting specific roles.
  • The slider Active is selected by default. To remove the panel from the ticket page, deselect it.
  • Select the Is Collapsed check box to make the panel collapsible on the ticket page.
  • Click Save when finished.