Frequently Asked Questions

Filter, Sort, Group, and Reorder the List Columns

In order to view and manipulate the content, ticket, or user list page, please make sure you have the appropriate permissions.
  • Expand Administration, select Content, and click Content List.
  • To filter the content list, locate the column to use as a filter.
  • From the top of the column, click Column Settings.
  • Select Filter.
  • From the Show Items With Value drop down, select the operator to use.
  • In the second field and depending on the column, enter the value to use as a filter or select the value from the appropriate drop down.
  • To sort the content list by a specific column, click Column Settings on the specific column.
  • Select either Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
  • To reorder the column list grid, drag the appropriate column to its appropriate location on the grid.
  • To group the column list grid, drag the column heading into the Drag a Column Header and Drop it Here to Group by that Column area.