Frequently Asked Questions

Condition Operators Used in Creating A Content Workflow

When creating or editing a content workflow, added conditions need to be satisfied in order for the workflow to be applied.
When adding new conditions a set of operators are available to chose from.
From the Select Field drop down, chose the appropriate operator. 
  • Select AND for single or multiple conditions not nested where all conditions have to be satisfied
  • Select AND ( for nested conditions to be satisfied
  • Select AND NOT where anything is acceptable except the defined condition
  • Select OR to satisfy either one of the conditions defined. Typically when OR is used, more than one condition will be created.
  • Select OR ( to satisfy a set of nested conditions. Not all conditions have to be true.
  • Select OR NOT to satisfy a set of conditions except the defined condition.
  • Select ) to close the conditional statement if any of the nested condition was selected. Any time AND ( or OR ( are selected a second set of conditions )should be created to close the loop of conditions. Otherwise the workflow will not work correctly. When choosing the ), it is not necessary to enter the remaining fields.