Frequently Asked Questions

Add a New Workflow for Content Comment Delete Event

Workflows for content comment delete events are workflows that are triggered when a comment is deleted.
  • On the Administration menu, select Content, and click Workflow.
  • Click Add Workflow to create a new workflow. 

  • In the Name field, enter the name to be given to the workflow. 

  • In the Description field, enter a description explaining what the workflow would do.
  • From the Event drop down, select Content Comment Delete.
  • In the Display Order field, enter the order in which the workflow will be triggered when there are several.
  • Select the Active slide button to make sure the workflow runs when conditions are met.
  • In the Workflow Conditions area, click the Add New Condition button to set conditions which need to be met before the action can take place. 

  • From the Select Field drop down, select the condition operator.
  • From the Select One drop down, select the field on which is condition is built.
  • From the Select Expression drop down, select the expression that the condition needs to satisfy.
  • Depending on these selection the last field can be either a free form field, or a drop down select, or a date picker.
  • In the Workflow Actions area, click the Add New Action button to add the action that will take place once the conditions are met. 

  • From the Select Field drop down, select the action field to be updated.
  • Depending on the selection, the last field can be either a free form or a selection to update/edit the field by the action once conditions are met.
  • Click Save when finished.