Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing K-Fuze Content Pages

K-Fuze supports the native ability to share certain content pages with other users. This is achieved by using third party social media sharing tools that provide you with some JavaScript that you insert in to a page. By using services like this, you can share pages on your K-Fuze site with other sites and users using the native (and powerful) tools that already exist in the marketplace today.
Some examples of social media sharing tools/sites are; AddThis, ShareThis, etc.
The key to selecting a third party tool to provide this functionality, is to make sure that the vendor you select provides you with a single JavaScript function to add to your pages. If they provide multiple, e.g. one for header and one for footer, then it will not work.
The provider you sign up with, will allow you to set a number of items, including:
  • The sharing options that display on the page.
  • The location of where the sharing widget displays, e.g. top of page, bottom of page, left/right of page, etc.
  • The format and style of the widget.
And they will also allow you to track metrics, at least the good ones will, related to what sharing items were selected, what pages were shared, etc.
 So once you have signed up with a third party vendor, and have the script you want to insert in to your K-Fuze page, here is what you do.
  1. First, one time only, you will go the Edit Sites page (navigate to Administration | Site).  Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator.
  2. Then select the site you will be editing and navigate to the Scripts tab.
  3. Paste your script in to the Sharing Script box and click Save to continue.
Then, you will navigate to the page (or pages) that you want to activate sharing on, and do the following:
  1. Place the page in edit mode.
  2. Check the Sharing option(s) on the Basic Information tab.
  3. Save the content item.
Now when anyone views the content item, the sharing options will be visible.