Frequently Asked Questions

Create a Link Content Item

Link Content items are a type of content created and stored on the site containing a link to another site. In order to create a link content item, make sure you have content author permissions.

  • Expand Administration, select Content, and click Add New Content.
  • In the Basic Information tab, enter the necessary information in the provided fields. Note: All fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.
  • From the Status drop down, select:
  • Draft: to keep the newly created content in draft mode and not visible to users.
  • Published: to publish and make the newly created content available to all users.
  • From the Type drop down, select Link.
  • From the Format drop down, select the format to apply.
  • From the Content drop down, select the audience that can view the content once published.
  • Click Save. Once saved, different tabs become available to add information into.
  • Click the Link tab.
  • In the Link URL field, enter the target URL. 
  • From the Target drop down, select Blank to open in a new blank window or Self to open in the active window.
  • Click the Tagging tab.
  • In the Keyword Tags field, enter the keywords with which to tag the content, making it easier to search for. Hit <Enter> after each added keyword.
  • From the Content Category Tags area, select the content categories to associate with the news item.
  • Click the Notifications tab to add specific users to the notification list of the news/alert item.
  • Click Save when finished.
  • To preview the newly created news item, click View.