Frequently Asked Questions

Modify Existing Site Properties

Once installed and configured, a site properties can be modified to reflect changes to the site.
  • Expand Administration and click Site Properties.
  • On the Properties tab, you can modify the following:
    • Site Name: The full name of the company
    • Short Name: The short name used for the company
    • Description: The description of the site and its content
    • Active: Whether this site is active and available for users.
    • Site Administrator: An administrator can be changed from the drop down.
    • Authentication Provider: The type of authentication that can be used for the site ex: Google, Facebook, AD, etc...
    • Site Languages: The languages enabled for the site. 
  • On the Site Logo tab, you can modify the logo being used.
  • On the Scripts tab, you can add/modify the scripts for sharing and analytics.
  • On the Advanced tab, you can modify the site module configuration settings.
  • Once all modifications are done, click Save.