K-Fuze Ticket Management

Manage all your customer interactions using K-Fuze CMS.


We at Ridgehead have a long history of developing, integrating with, and using CRM solutions. So when K-Fuze CMS was imagined, an important component of the solution had to include customer contacts.

K-Fuze was designed with a robust ticketing solution to accommodate multiple contact channels and satisfying the different needs of these channels. Whether you are doing task management, bug management, sales lead tracking, support, or customer care – K-Fuze can accommodate all of these in the same portal.

Ticketing features included in K-Fuze CMS will:

  • Allow you to manage multiple customer contact forms in the same environment.
  • Provide you with highly customizable ticket pages for managing ticket details and custom fields.
  • Provide you with custom ticket list views for managing and responding to tickets.
  • Send automatic emails to those involved when tickets are created or updated.
  • Send emails from tickets using custom templates – and have replies to these emails captured into the tickets.
  • Support non-English customers and use machine translation to support them in their native language.
  • Provide visibility to ticket information based based on agents and customer roles.
  • Provide support for ticket comments and audit-trail – so you can see everything that occurred with the ticket.
  • Custom rules that can extend ticketing to interface with 3rd party systems, provide enhanced functionality, etc.
  • Ticket dashboards for reporting, analytics, and management.

Create your entire support web site using K-Fuze.  You can develop your K-Fuze site to support internal users, external customers, partners, and remote users – or all of the above.  This is a one-stop ticketing management solution.