K-Fuze CMS Customer Support Solution

A robust and rich internal and external customer care framework.

K-Fuze allows companies to support different customer groups and organizations – as well support them based on what they need and how they should be supported. K-Fuze has a broad roles based functionality that facilitates this support mechanism.

Supporting internal departments, or external customers is a snap.  Let us support your end users, your channel partners, and field service folk, as well as any other group you are required to interact with and support.

Rich Customer Management Features


  • Auth support for login and registering using Google or Facebook
  • Native K-Fuze authentication provider
  • Anonymous user support


  • Manage users by groups and roles
  • Define functionality by role
  • Add custom roles
  • Easy role and user management


  • Extend customer fields by adding custom fields
  • Manage all types of customers
  • Integrated ticket and customer functionality

API Web Service Support

K-Fuze has a flexible set of API web services that allow 3rd party applications to interface with K-Fuze and add/update customer data as well as read customer information for updating their systems with K-Fuze customer records.  In addition to this real-time interface, bulk import/export of customer is accommodated.