K-Fuze CMS Solution

One stop CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION (CMS) for complete customer care.

K-Fuze CMS is a Customer Management System (CMS) incorporating web site management, customer relationship management, and content/knowledge management – all rolled up into one easy-to-use customer care solution.  K-Fuze is cloud-hosted, or premise-based for enterprise installations.

K-Fuze is ideal for organizations looking for a turn-key customer care solution to satisfy all client interactions for both customers and users.

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Core Components

Create an entire customer care solution using the K-Fuze CM portal for online access by all levels/types of customers and users.

K-Fuze is an incident management solution for overseeing all types of internal or external customer interactions.

Organize and manage FAQ’s, documents & rich-text content within K-Fuze for selective users viewing customers based on roles.


  • Create an entire web site within K-Fuze.
  • Multiple authentication providers, including K-Fuze, Google, and Facebook.
  • Support for anonymous user access with limited (or full) functionality.
  • User registration and login abilities.
  • Set custom roles-based permissions on a page-by-page basis.
  • Create roles-based header and footer navigation.
  • Track page usage, comments, and ratings.
  • Share pages with popular social media sites.
  • Translate pages based upon user’s language preference.
  • And much more…

  • Fully customizable ticketing department or group specific solutions.
  • Customize the information you capture on your tickets.
  • Extend the data you track using custom controls such as: text boxes, dropdown lists, datetime, etc.
  • Rich text data entry for ticket details and comments.
  • Embed images, files, and screen shots into ticket via comment details.
  • Rich template-based email notifications spawned ticket create and/or update.
  • Full audit trail capability for tickets, including comments by end-users and other contributors.
  • And much more…

  • Rich content creation and authoring.
  • Full HTML content editing.
  • Add documents and files.
  • Add links to other web sites.
  • Limit content to select users by role.
  • Organize content in easy to understand table of contents.
  • Publish content for all customers.
  • Browse or search for content.
  • Provide a full content site for your customers.
  • Allow users to register before accessing content.
  • Broadcast alerts and news to your customers.
  • Track content views, ratings, and feedback.
  • And much more…

Using K-Fuze

K-Fuze CMS was designed with the user in mind.  We recognize that the way users access web applications varies a lot, especially with the wide variety of devices and options available.  K-Fuze will render in all popular browsers, on different operating systems and browsers, on phones and tablets.

No matter where our customers are, they will be able to use their favorite device or browser for K-Fuze.