K-Fuze CMS Client

Access K-Fuze using a desktop application.

The K-Fuze CMS Offline Client application stores and renders K-Fuze CMS content.

The Ridgehead K-Fuze CMS Client is a native application that runs on computers running Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Organizations selectively distribute content and documents to authorized users in a controlled manner with the CMS Client, so that users get information as it becomes available or updated. It’s a simple way to control the flow of information and content without having to worry about the users having the most up-to-date information, as the K-Fuze CMS Client application updates itself when new content and app upgrades become available.

Download the K-Fuze CMS Client White Paper for additional information.

K-Fuze CMS Client features include:

  • Authentication so that only authorized users may download and view content
  • Content restrictions by user role and permission
  • Multiple groups may use the same tool to gain access to content that is specific to their department/silo, such as public access, employees, field personnel, vendors, technical support, customer service, field engineers, etc.
  • Content expiration settings so that users no longer have access to the content
  • Offline/disconnected viewing of content
  • Content is self-updating based on users’ personal settings and group settings
  • Supports a wide variety of content formats such as documents (PDF and others), multi-media (video and audio clips), etc.
  • Distribute news alerts and messages to the client
  • Users can browse and keyword search for documents and content
  • Viewing history is uploaded to the server so that authors & admins may analyze user behavior

Should users wish to use their smart phone or tablet, they can accomplish this using the K-Fuze Mobile CMS.